Our Mission

Bio Pro Distributions Limited is a company dedicated to bringing the best biological wastewater treatment products to all of Canada. Our product range is custom developed to help Canadian municipalities, towns, cities and homeowners treat their wastewater in an environmentally conscious manner. We only supply NSF certified products that digest dead organic waste, are 100% harmless to living organisms and most importantly the environment.

Our Story

Bio Pro Distributions Limited (formerly Gerry Brushett Enterprises Ltd.) is a privately held company; incorporated in 1981. Since then, the company has acquired exclusive rights to many environmentally friendly products for distribution within Canada. Our company is small, but growing, with key sub-distributors in select marketplaces throughout Canada. Our in-house team is 3 people strong with many automated systems in place to handle demand during high volume points of the year. As we expand, Bio Pro Distributions Limited keeps a conscious mind on carbon footprint by utilizing virtual office spaces and limiting warehouse requirements.